The best result from your insurance claim

One of Australia’s most trusted insurance repair specialists, Ensure Constructions and Restoration Pty Ltd has a reputation for rapid claim assessment and speedy, high quality repairs and restoration.

If you have a repair that you believe will be covered by your Building Insurance Company, especially if it is an emergency “make safe” repair, call us on 02 8824 2500.

Before shot of house damaged by tree during a storm

Roof structures, internal walls and windows were destroyed during a house fire within this Kenthurst family home. The building was rendered unsafe and unliveable by the firefighters due to the fire and water damage.

After shot of house repaired by Ensure Constructions

Within hours of receiving the claim, Ensure Constructions had made the building secure. After the claim was approved Ensure Constructions rebuilt the home to better than its original condition in order for the family to return as soon as possible.